What do we grow?

When asked what we grow, Bill likes to joke that "Nicoele grows darn near the entire produce section." He's not exaggerating. I do grow a large variety of produce. I also love to experiment with new varieties and have a "slight" addiction to heirloom plants. 😁 For example, I am known to grow up to 30 different varieties in all shapes, sizes, and colors of Heirloom tomatoes.

I was born in Pittsburgh, and my grandparents and uncle always grew the "Potato Top" tomato; named by Fred Limbaugh, from Pittsburgh. Fred saved his seed from these super delicious juicy pink beefsteak tomatoes, which his grandfather grew to hand out to port authority workers to plant in their victory gardens. The plants have leaves that resemble potato vine leaves. It's one of my favorite heirlooms to grow. It seems quite fitting considering we are in a time where victory gardens are becoming popular once again. I got my love for gardening from my grandparents on both sides, and my mom. I loved helping mom garden while I was growing up. I will also race anyone to a mower or tractor to mow the yard. There's just something so zen about taking care of my land. The photos below are of our own veggies and my favorite tomatoes. I hope you enjoy this eye candy while we all patiently wait for the veggie package season to begin! What is your favorite veggie? I honestly love all of them. Well, except for lima beans. I just can't do lima beans. I love all other beans. The dog always got my lima beans under the table when mom wasn't looking...

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