Fresh Veggies in November?!

Radishes are almost ready! Finally! On Thanksgiving?! This is a first for us in 19 years of growing on this farm! This year has been a unicorn year! Just when We thought the frost got them; we still have greens growing: kale, collards, arugula. A few cabbages. A little bit of broccoli finally?? Scallions are almost ready to pick. More turnips. Maybe some spinach? Do I sound excited? Haha!

I need to check the garden tomorrow after the sleet this morning to see what is ready. If you were a CSA customer this year, message me if you'd like some veggies free of charge since we were two weeks short of the usual season, due to a late start from flooding.

If you missed out on a veggie CSA this year and would like to buy some farm fresh local veggies in the next week, we'll be posting them for sale on our web store for on farm pick up. Thank you for your support of our local family farm!

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