CSA Pick Up Policy Info

Thank you for your support and love! We appreciate all of you! We have one simple request that we ask: Please honor your commitment to your scheduled time to pick up your CSA veggies. If you are unable to contact us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel the week or make arrangements for someone else to pick up your order, we will donate your order to a local family in need. We value your time and money you spend with us. We work extremely hard to pick your veggies and herbs fresh for you on the day we have scheduled for you to arrive. We are excited and proud to have grown and worked hard to produce beautiful, fresh, affordable produce to place direct from our farm to your table. We do not have a storage facility and your produce will perish if it's not properly taken care of within 24 hours, especially in the crazy heat wave we've had this Summer. We have a great time getting to know you and appreciate your busy life. We are a family owned and operated farm. Bill has a full time job off of the farm and Nicoele runs the farm full time growing the produce and raising the pigs along with raising our children. We don't have a staff to support us, with the exception of the amazing Traci as her own schedule allows and we have a budget to pay her, so our family time is very important to us, just as yours is. We have scheduled hours to ensure everything runs smoothly. Thank you so much for your understanding! Please tag and send us photos of your veggies and dishes you make with them! We love to see them!

Food.🌽 Love. ❤ Community. 👥

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